To end is to begin..

December 29, 2017



Right now, I am beginning to think about 2018 and all it will bring or that I might aspire to achieve, do, be or feel.


Before I put thought into 2018, I firmly believe we need to let go of the old to make way for the new.


It reminds me of how the Irish deal with death - an Irish wake is a celebration of a person’s life once they have died.  Everyone gets a chance to remember the person and “pay their respects” - a nod to the impact that person had on them.     It is often said that neither the dead soul nor those remaining will be at peace unless this tradition is followed.  


And while this tradition may be just that - for me, it reminds me to pay my respect and gratitude to 2017.  To aid it’s passing in peace as I move forward.  With no judgement on the year, I ask myself:-


What were the moments that made 2017 different?

How did I feel?

What did I learn that I can take forward.


To aid my thinking and to deepen my reflection, I often use a tool called Lifeline.


I get a blank page and start to draw all the events of this year - for me, I do this in chronological order as I find it easier to remember events this way - but you can draw it in section of your life - family, work etc, by emotions - different feelings to different events - any which way that works for you.  The trick is to include as much as possible.  For me, I find that I remember things that I had completely forgotten.


Then I can look at what I drew and reflect on it - often I get new insights and find I draw different conclusions on my year that I had before.  In this way, I acknowledge and accept what has passed and can now move forward.


So how do you make space for the next year?

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