Giving Back

The 80/20 rule


We believe we are here for more than profit. One of our core values is that we split our work - 80% is fee paying and 20% is pro-bono, coaching those in need. 

Always Learning


We are a practice company - we are continuously growing and learning so that we give our best, all of the time. Our work includes reflection time for what we have learned and what this might mean for you in the future.

Evolving Thinking

We are currently working hard to add new thinking in spaces that desperately need new thinking.  Our current study is just launching - check back soon for exciting updates.  

About The People Practice

With over 50 years HR experience, Sarah & Susan have spent the majority of their lives thinking about people.  How do people reach peak performance whilst really enjoying each moment?  How do organisations get the best from people and continue to always be ready for the next unknown set of challenges.  

The People Practice was found in 2017 by  Sarah & Susan, who truly believe that people are the competitive advantage in every company and that the best talent strategies are unique to each context. 

Our Values

We work in an supportive and dynamic manner, that has considerable impact on people and their business results. 

Our values on how we engage and like to do business are:-

  • Integrity - we say what we mean, we mean what we say

  • Value creating - we will, first and foremost, consider the bottom line impact. We will never oversell.

  • Design Thinking - we will strive to design solutions that are suitable to each situation. We will begin with the end in mind. We will aim to simplify complexity. We will make it easy to apply our solutions

  • Customer Centric - our approach is to co-create solutions with you - you are the expert in you, and your business.  We commit that if we are not the best solution, we will say so.

  • Confidentiality - we strictly apply 100% confidentiality, unless a life/ death situation. We will never share client information or utilise this information for personal or commercial gain.

  • Respect - we will engage in professional conversation. We will honour our commitments. We will be thoughtful with your time, money and skills. We will work hard. We will leave when it’s time and ensure we have left a solution that can sustain.

  • Forward momentum - we are at our best when we are enriching others and inspiring clients. We will maintain appropriate balance between challenge and pause.

  • Always learning - to ensure we can provide the best solutions, we will consistently develop our tools and thinking. We will ensure we are current experts in our field and that we can apply all we know in a manner that is efficient to our clients. 



Tel: +353 87 210 6432

We can support both business and life coaching at all levels, we have different associates to suit different needs, so feel free to call us for an initial chat...

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