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"When I work with Sarah, I have the conversations I can't have with myself"

Vice President, Technology

As my company was going through immense change, Sarah was really helpful as my safe sounding board.  My role was global and I was unsure how the future would pan out.  I knew my ability to deal with these changes would also affect my team's success so I wanted to ensure I was thinking things through.  Talking with Sarah gave me the confidence to deal with the situation and also gave me ideas I had not thought of.  It was refreshing to speak with someone who is there just for you, with no other goal.   There was a lot at stake and Sarah really understood how things get done and the "unwritten rules" in organisations.  A great resource and one that is not afraid of challenging you!

Global Finance Leader, Technology

Working with Sarah allowed me to explore my current situation and really think about my future.  I became aware of some new realities and with Sarah's help, was able to face these and really think deeply about my future - not just my success but what would make me really happy.  Sarah was able to help me challenge myself in ways I could not have imagined doing previously. 

Senior Leader, Pharma 

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